Call For Paper

The topic of the paper submitted to ISCS2022 is including but not limited to:

Chips Semiconductors
AI Chip Design
Analog and Mixed-signal Circuits
Analog Signal Processing
Chip-to-chip Communications
Circuit Technologies
Circuits/Devices Modeling, Verification and Testing
Data Converters and Data Storage
Digital Architectures and Systems
Digital Integrated Circuits
Digital/Synthesizable Voltage Regulators and Plls
Emerging IC and System
Energy Harvesting Circuits and Systems
Hardware-security Circuits
High-bandwidth I/O Interfaces
Image Sensors and Companion Chips
Intra-chip Communication Circuits
Intelligent Chip
Emerging Semiconductor Technologies
Ferromagnetism / Magnetic Semiconductors
High Magnetic Fields / High Pressure in Semiconductor Physics
Impurities/Defects in Semiconductors
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Diode Lasers
Novel Semiconductor Devices and Applications
Organic Semiconductors
Photoelectric and Photovoltaic Devices
Physics of Semiconductors
Photophysics & Transient Absorption
Surface and Interface Physics
Semiconductor Lower Dimensions and Nanostructures
Semiconductor Quantum Dots / Quantum Hall Effects / Quantum Information
Semiconductor Materials and Applications / Semiconductor Processing
Semiconductor Spintronics / Topological Insulators
Semiconductor Detectors
Wide/narrow Band-gap Semiconductors