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Intertwined by a series of bridges and waterways in the Yangtze and Hanshui Rivers, the three towns of Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang constitute Hubei’s provincial capital of Wuhan—the “City of the Rivers”. A major train station on the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and the largest inland port on the Yangtze banks, Wuhan is a vital hub of transportation and commerce.

Prospering as a commercial center called Yingwuzhou (Parrot Beach) two millennia ago, Wuhan remains the nexus of politics, economy, culture, trade and industry in central China. Two of the three districts of modern Wuhan, Hanyang and Wuchang were established during the first and second Centuries, while the third district, Hankou, was established in 1475 and became one of the “Four Major National Markets”, later dubbed the “Chicago of the East”. Wuhan is also home to the Hubei Provincial Museum and the Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation—a leader in international steel production since 1955. Wuhan is also a city with a strong revolutionary tradition.

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