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  • Listed Subsidiary Company
    Stock Code: 600057

    「Investment Sectors」

    Innovation Incubation


    Innovation Incubation

    We invest in and foster emerging industries and industry plus internet, and build platforms for business model innovation and mechanism innovation. We promote the transformation from independent investment to strategic investment, consolidate and coordinate resources, and build up future value-added points.

    Industry Plus Internet


    Xiamen Research Institute of Internet of Things Industry
    As a premium end think tank for the development of industrial digitization, Xiamen’s industrial digital platform construction and operation entities such as Xiamen’s Second-Level Node of Identification and resolution system for the Industrial Internet, Xiamen Industrial Internet Public Service Platform, and FTA industrial digitalization promotion center, provide enterprises with industrial digital consulting, diagnosing, planning , constructing, training and other services.

    Xiamen XMXYG Technology Co., Ltd.
    As the implementing agency of XMXYG CORP/s digital strategic planning, is the main body of the XMXYG CORR’s digitalization construction and technological innovation. It provides professional digital solutions for the XMXYG CORP. and has advanced practical experience on supply chain management, logistics and enterprise data application.

    Xiamen XMXYG Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd.

    As an equity investment platform owned by XMXYG CORP., it takes responsibility for external financial investment function.

    Xiamen Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone Industry Guidance Fund
    Managed by the Administrative Committee of Xiamen Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone, this Fund facilitates regional economic transformation. As a fund administrator or contributor, we have teamed up with renowned securities firms, listed companies and leading PEs to set up various funds which invest in emerging strategic industries such as intelligent manufacturing, civilian-military fusion and new materials.